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Mobile Veterinarian in Sheffield, MA

  • Are you just too busy? Would you just rather stay at home with your pets and get stuff done while you wait for your Veterinary Appointment?
  • Do you have multiple pets and/or children and want to just get it all done in one visit, but still want to maintain your sanity?
  • Do your pets dislike going to a hectic veterinary clinic and being exposed to other animals, and does that stress everyone out for days so now they are overdue for their veterinary care?
  • Would your cats/dogs rather sit on their couch while they are examined and receive their veterinary care in their own home where they are less stressed and happy?
  • Do you have a hard time getting your pets to the veterinarian due to transportation or health issues?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions, then our mobile veterinary practice is perfect solution for you and your pets.

And these are also some of the important reasons why I started up Berkshire Barks & Purrs – a full service veterinary clinic on wheels. It contains everything a brick and mortar veterinary clinic contains- EXCEPT all of the fear and stress and hassle and exposure to infectious diseases that visiting a stationary veterinary clinic entails. We show up at your doorstep. If your pet is more comfortable in your living room or on your couch or in your front yard, then that is where the exam will take place. Advanced diagnostics, treatments, and surgery may mean visiting the inside of our clinic on wheels. However, we will do anything possible to ensure your pet has a comfortable experience and is able to get the veterinary care they need and deserve.

Make your appointment today by calling us. Our family is growing one furry friend, one appointment at a time – join us!

Tracey Miller Fahey, DVM
Berkshire Barks & Purrs Advanced Mobile VetCare

Mobile Veterinarian in Sheffield, MA

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