Good Day Berkshire Barks & Purrs Family – I am here to give you all a heads up that I will need surgery coming up on Friday Sept. 11th.

I will be out about 4 weeks ( 3 weeks if I feel well enough). Unfortunately, this can’t be avoided or held off any longer than this. I know this will cause some of you some hardship if your animals become ill, and I am heartsick about it.

Ali – my fabulous new tech who has joined us over the last few weeks – will be returning emails and phone messages for those who want to schedule appointments in October or who need scripts renewed or other meds set up through our online pharmacy.

She will be returning calls and emails on Mon/Weds/Fridays for a couple of hours each day. We will be back and up and running as usual on Monday October 14th.

I thank you all for all your Love and Support and wonderful word of mouth that has allowed us to grow and help so many pets and their people over the last 2 years. We truly appreciate you all! So send some Love and prayers my way if you would, and we will be back and stronger than ever in October!!

Much Love and Thanks,
Dr. Tracey Fahey, DVM