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For questions or concerns, please use the form below. If your matter is URGENT, please call us at 833-VET-BARK (838-2275), and DO NOT use the form.

Walk-ins: We cannot allow walk-ins or stopping by to chat with Dr or staff without an appointment as appointment times are set aside as one on one times for each pet to avoid any client /patient overlap. Please arrive for your appointment on time (only 5-10 minutes early if needed) to avoid any overlap of appointments.

Mobile Visits: Please allow and be available ½ hour before and ½ hour after your given appointment time to allow for us being either a bit early or late depending on variable travel/traffic and appointment times. We will call to let you know if our arrival times will be more than 15mins early or late for the time you were given.

IF YOU ARE NOT THERE at our scheduled mobile visit time, and we show up and you do not- we will charge a NO SHOW fee equal to the House Call fee we charge to show up at your home. If you NO SHOW for your mobile visit more than twice- no more mobile visits will be scheduled going forward. Our time is just as precious as yours, and time set aside for your pet that is wasted does not allow another sick pet to be seen.

Updated Hours

Monday-Thursday: 9AM-6PM

Note: Phone calls answered and returned between appointments 9am-4pm only

Fri/Sat/Sun:  Closed due to COVID and No Staffing Available.


Areas We Service

We service a 25 mile radius of towns in MA, CT and NY.

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