What to Expect

We are concerned about our environment and about having as little impact as possible, so we are a fully paperless practice and will communicate as needed through texts and email to keep you up to date and reminded of your animals’ recommended veterinary medical care. Please be sure to fill out patient and owner information on your appointment request if you are requesting online. Also, prior to your appointment, please email us your pets’ medical history and vaccination record if you have them. We will then be able to know who we are seeing and what care they need for their appointment. We may need to access your WiFi if you do not have cell service in your area just to allow our practice software to work and to complete financial transactions at the end. If this is a problem, let us know so that we can come up with an alternate solution. This is a 26 foot truck that will be arriving at your doorstep, so also let us know if there are any parking concerns.

You can expect a 30-45 minute appointment, longer if we are seeing multiple pets- which we would love to do! Please confine the pets being seen, before we arrive, into a small room so that they are available. This is important so that we can make the most out of our time together. Any animal wrangling will involve additional fees and not enough time to allow for the care they need.

Everyone will receive a care estimate after we discuss what each animal will be receiving for veterinary care at that visit. Some examples of prices to expect at each visit:

House Call Fee

(No charge if you come to our home base at 151 Miller Ave in Sheffield for your Appointment! Just let us know, and we will schedule you to come to us!!)

  • $55 for Sheffield Ma – Our Hometown!
  • $75 for the area within our 15 miles radius from our home base at 151 Miller Ave in Sheffield Ma. We travel within this 15-mile radius into Ct and NY to see patients.

Note: Fees subject to change and updated and discussed at time of the appointment as needed.

Exam Fee

$68 for one pet or a sick patient exam.

$62 for each patient when multiple patients are being seen for a Wellness Visit.

Emergency/Sick Patient Care During Business Hours

We strive to see any and all sick pets during our daily operating hours. So call us immediately and early – as soon as you realize your pet is not well so we can fit them into our schedule for that day to get them seen and feeling better!


Vaccinations will typically range from $28- $45 per vaccine depending on the vaccine being given. We will list all exact charges for each vaccine, all other treatment charges, and medications to go home on the care estimate given at the time of the appointment- once we have discussed the health and needs of your pet.

Payment Options

All payments will be expected at the time of service. We are a small clinic with minimal employees and cannot bill for any service or medication. We will accept cash or credit. No checks will be accepted.

We would LOVE to schedule a visit to your office, apartment building, condo complex, cul-de-sac, etc. to see multiple pets and families during the same visit on that day. This will allow the call fee to be split up among the families being seen, and make it more affordable and convenient to everyone! Call us to set up! (What a great job perk veterinary care would be for your employees!!!) We would just need all the pet and client info beforehand so we know who we are seeing, who needs what kind of wellness care, and so we can schedule our day accordingly.

Surgeries and dental procedures will take place at our home base at 151 Miller Ave in Sheffield, Ma on Thursdays. Drop-off and pick-up times for surgery will be scheduled that day. This will be the only exception to our treatment at your doorstep philosophy. This is due to the fact that pre and post anesthesia patients need to be monitored carefully for a few hours after they wake up and be cared for immediately if any post-op complications arise. This allows us to group 2-3 surgeries together in a day to make it a more affordable and practical to schedule. We will make every effort to group dogs and cats separately on those days to reduce stress for all of our patients. This also ensures that all patients’ pain control is optimal prior to releasing them to their families’ care later in the day. Your pets’ safety and well being is our top priority!